By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

– Benjamin Franklin


What is Emergency Connect?


Traditional emergency mass notification systems are used to warn a large group of individuals about an event, not report and resolve it. Radianta’s Emergency Connect is uniquely designed to increase the effectiveness of emergency response systems. Sending out a local notification to designated personnel boosts response time and keeps the situation under control.


Why choose Emergency Connect?

 Increase safety

Reduce confusion and enhance crisis management in the event of an emergency

Track where system is activated and direction it is heading

Assess situation through IP phone / camera

Mitigate negative results from unforeseen problematic events

Modify level of recipients who receive the alert notification

All features and protection are included for an economical monthly subscription cost



  • Integrates with existing mass broadcast emergency systems
  • Place phone calls automatically to 911 or any other numbers
  • Emergency Connect application for smartphone
  • Text alert and/or voice alert to IP phones and smartphones
  • Broadcast live or prerecorded message to the ceiling speaker
  • Display text on LCD display
  • Integrates with IP door locks and IP cameras
  • Choice of generic doorbell buttons or IP buttons
  • Smartphone app for Apple®/IOS and Android™
  • Trigger alerts from a button on an IP phone
  • Trigger alerts from an analog phone simply by lifting emergency phones handset
  • Events are stored in the database for detailed auditing
  • Open Platform
  • Computer hot-key
  • Supports Virtualization Environment


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