With new ownership, comes new solutions to add to the Radianta tool box. Here at Radianta, we understand that alert management is key to a successfully seamless work environment, so we have made our Alert Management systems more reliable and streamline for today’s users! What does that mean for our valued clients? Please see the great features we added to Radianta below!
NEW Radianta Alert Manager 5.0 Solutions:
• Radianta Application update will include Panic Buttons for Security or Police assistance or can be modified for your facility’s needs.
• Paging enables users to send customizable messages through either the web interface or the phone to other individuals or groups.
• All communications to and from our cloud servers are encrypted with TLS v1.2, which is the industry’s latest security standard.
• In cases where your 3rd party medical system sends out unencrypted data, we will provide a relay component to bridge the communication in a secure way over the Wide Area Network.
• Each facility runs on a dedicated cloud server, so there would be no danger of data falsely transmitting between facilities.
• No messages are stored locally on the phone storage whether using smartphones or IP phones. All messages are stored on the cloud server, and displayed on-demand when the devices request them.
• Monthly analytical reports to provide a solution to make qualitative and data-driven decisions based on ongoing evidence and business reports.
• Workflow management would be greatly improved and overall efficiency increased between staff procedures and patient experiences.
• Support solutions will be available 24-7 via your concierge tech-support representative.

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