We have some great and exciting news to announce to you. As of January 01, 2019 Radianta was acquired for the purpose of growing its services within Alert Management solutions and in other areas such as information management, to include, an array of business solutions for the healthcare arena. Under new ownership, new changes to follow. Radianta has updated their Alert Manager software to the latest Version 5.0 which is available for implementation. At launch, Radianta Alert Manager 5.0 will initially add Paging, Panic Buttons for security or police assistance, monthly analytical reports and cloud (SaaS) options. Because of big improvements happening, Radianta is now able to provide our valued customers with better payment options, such as competitive monthly subscriptions for software management and the highest support solutions. Our Team has grown and so have our products! Please contact us today to learn more about Radianta Alert Management and business solutions Support@Radianta.com Group

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