College campusMost security professionals could give a list of initiatives they’d undertake to improve their institution’s security infrastructure in an ideal world. The problem is that some security upgrades are more attainable than others.

Everyone’s operating under budgetary restrictions, meaning security solutions that come at little to no cost are especially valuable to security professionals.

We’ve written about the costs of crime and the return on investment you can get with some security upgrades, but the easiest way to convince an executive that an upgrade is worth it is to pitch a project that requires little to no monetary investment.

There are no doubt some campus or department police chiefs that have all the resources they need at their disposal, but that’s not the reality most of our readers are operating in.

So it’s with our more resource-deprived readers in mind that we’ve put together a list of ways to up your security game without breaking the bank.

You’re probably familiar with some of these methods, but checking out our resources is a good way to take them a step further.

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