What is Radianta Alert Manager?


Radianta Alert Manager, is the integration solution, that captures information from various devices, and delivers those notifications to the correct designated end users. Radianta AM* utilizes methods to gather messages and alert notifications from various systems, then redirects those notifications, to the precise group of recipients, timely, securely and sufficiently. These notifications can be received from any electronic system such as security systems, patient monitoring devices and nurse call, to end user, seamlessly.



Radianta Alert Manager for Medical Experts


Radianta Alert Manager, can be utilized in hospital settings to mitigate information constraints, improve patient well being, and increase staff productivity. In hospital settings, various means of information are key to employees and staff for day-to-day operations. When staff members are required to communicate through various methods like web based group messaging, phone applications, paging, e-mail and text, this can cause employee fatigue and create a stressful working environment. At Radianta, our solution is to streamline communicating, to reduce stress and provide a secure work environment for staff and patient alike.



Radianta Alert Manager Benefits


Improve patient experience

Improve quality of care and safety

Improve patient outcomes

Retain qualified staff

Reduce errors / increase tracking

Automate notifications/Improve clinical communications

Control and shorten response times

Secure texting






  • Device Alerts, Email, SMS, Phone calls, Barcode-RFID scans, etc.
  • Endpoints such as IP Phones, Smart Phones Tablets and IP Devices such as door locks, video cameras, etc.
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Patient Monitoring Devices
  • External Paging Services
  • Bed Management Solutions
  • Security Systems
  • TAP Protocol
  • SMTP
  • HL-7
  • Telephony API
  • Pharmacy & Laboratory Applications
  • Open Platform
  • Supports Virtualization Environment


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